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Culture is a US talent partner delivering best in class talent solutions for high growth organizations, building and scaling teams across Marketing & Digital, Sales, UX/Product Design, and Product Management.

Our team are some of the most experienced and effective recruiters in the industry and extremely proud to retain an impeccable success record over the last 25 years as our 100+ client testimonials demonstrate.

We employ our combined century plus of recruiting knowhow to optimise every available talent attraction channel, ensuring a winning outcome for our clients. We're here to build real connections with each and every one of our clients and candidates.

It's about making a difference to someone's career, to a business's bottom line, to a person's life, we actually give a sh*t.

Why Culture?

Hiring the absolute best possible talent for our clients is our sole focus and requires a robust and proven strategy that ensures Reach, Response & Results.

A Compelling Narrative

We partner with our clients as brand custodians. We ensure we truly understand their culture and their business, that enables us to go to market with a compelling narrative that resonates and engages the right talent from the very first touchpoint.

EDI (Equality Diversity & Inclusion)

In order to maximise the reach and response of LinkedIn and online advertising, we enhance all our adverts using cutting edge AI enabled software that optimizes the content and the format for Gender and Diversity bias and SEO. Our technology is proven to increase the target audience reach and the diversity and quality of applicants for our clients shortlists. Our team have all also completed CPD certified unconscious bias training.


Intelligent Talent Outreach

Talent outreach is essential to target the passive 80% as well as hone in on the elite 5% of any talent pool, this is what really makes the difference. We continuously leverage our networks for word of mouth peer recommendations for inspirational talent. This ensures we’re networking with the absolute best of the best. Our referral approach, coupled with highly personalised multi-channel messaging, significantly increases relevant responses as we deep dive in active, passive and elite talent pools.


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