We're not ones to brag, but we 'get' the marketing & digital industries. Now we're not saying that we're able to launch an omni-channel marketing campaign or build a brand, that's on you. But we understand what you do and we get that none of this just happens overnight.

Why are we telling you this? Because it makes us a damn good recruitment partner, that's why.

We're able to push back on unrealistic expectations (from both sides), we can provide potential candidates with full insight into the jobs we have and the companies we're working with, and can sound out those superstars. We've got a load of experience working on in-house and agency roles, so we like to think we can spot who'll sink or swim in those environments. How? Well, we don't just take stock of skills and experience, we look into those softer skills - working out a person's background, creative process and lifestyle to make sure that when we bring you together, it's the perfect fit.









Find your fit

Now we are blowing our own trumpet. We're proud to say that we run some of the top industry networking events, if you're looking to chat with like-minded folk, get involved.

Rob Eatwell

Rob heads up our Marketing & Digital recruitment team on the East Coast. 

With well over 20 years' experience building professional networks and head hunting elite Marketing and Digital Talent for investment backed and growth clients, he’s a proven and trusted partner for leaders that are ready to scale and grow their teams with expert Marketing and Digital talent.

Looking to build your team through exceptional people? We've got this. From exec to Chief Marketing Officer no-one understands the perfect fit quite like Culture. Ready to build your team?

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